The Texas Rangers needed just one win to extend their play-off hopes, that hope faded when one of the Rangers best pitchers gave up 5 hits and 3 runs to the Baltimore Orioles. Yu Darvish couldn’t help the Rangers stop the Baltimore Orioles.

The Rangers should have never been in the spot they found themselves in last night. The Rangers played great baseball for much of the season. Like many other teams in major league baseball the Rangers couldn’t get it done when it mattered the most, the month of September.

On a night that the Rangers needed his bat the most to extend the life of the team, Josh Hamilton went hit-less. The Orioles pitching staff did a great job of stopping the team from Texas that has reached the play-offs the last couple of years without any additional help of a wild card game.

As a matter of fact the entire Rangers offense played as if they didn’t know what this game meant. Adrian Beltre was held hit-less too. When was the last time you see him not being able to produce a hit in a game that counted like this one.

The Texas Rangers will have the off-season to review the direction this team travels in the second half of the season . To go into a wild card game and only produce one run is shameful for a team with players the caliber the Ranger have.

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  1. Ann Claps

    Shocking, absolutely shocking! I certainly expected the Rangers to go deep into the play-offs and a good shot at the World Series. I guess we’ll have to “Wait Till Next Year.”…But I do hope Rangers Management takes a real hard look & makes some badly needed changes asap!!!!!


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