It is almost funny to hear Rob Ryan speaks out about how it is going to be pay-back time when his new team the Saints play the Dallas Cowboys. What is even funnier is the fact they keep firing the wrong Ryan.

Rob was let go by the Cleveland Brown and now he was let go by the Dallas Cowboys last season. It is Rex Ryan who should be let go. This guy runs a three-ring circus called the New York Jets.

He has about as much control over the team as a five-year-old would over an Indy car. it is out of control. We aren’t even through the OTA’s and already a UN-named player is coming out and publicly bashing Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Ryan can’t control his locker room in New York and year after year we see it. When is the owner of the Jets going to wake up and smell the coffee so to speak? Until Woody Johnson realizes that Rex Ryan is the problem with the Jets they will continue to disappoint.

This guy couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. he showed that last season when he couldn’t get along with Tim Tebow. He made promises to the quarterback that he never delivered on and he made Tebow the scapegoat for all of the Jets offensive problems.

Ryan is not worth all the drama Johnson has to put up with. Neither of these Ryan brothers have lived up to their father’s legacy. The only reason they have been employed in the NFL, this long is because of their father being the great Buddy Ryan.

As soon as Johnson realizes that Rex is the problem with the Jets and he fires him, the sooner the team will be able to turn things around in New York. Frankly, I am surprised the fans in the big apple have put up with this fiasco this long.


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