Good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers and their offensive tackle Mike Adams. It was June 1st when the big-man was confronted by three men that were trying to car-jack him on Pittsburgh’s South Side shortly after 3 a.m.

One man held a gun to his face and the other who was holding a knife stabbed Adams twice. The car-jacking failed only because Adams didn’t have his car keys. The 3 men fled after Adams was stabbed and it was a good thing the man with the gun decided not to shoot Adams.

Police were able to arrest all 3 suspects and they will stand trial on attempted murder charges. In less than 2 months of being stabbed Adams is back and ready to play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Reports say that Adams weighed in at 323 pounds with his core strength returning and he’s ready to go.

That is great news for the Steelers who can use the big man to help protect their quarterback this season. Having a big body on the offensive line should comfort the Steelers front offense who have shown signs of concern when it comes to properly protecting the quarterback.

Adams started 6 of the 10 games he played last season and he was outstanding as a rookie winning the Joe Greene Performance Award, given to an outstanding rookie. If he is back to health which he looks like he is, he is going to be a huge benefit to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2013 season.


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