How sad it must be to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. To watch quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns only to see the aging defense give the game away, shows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are a franchise in serious decline.

The Steelers defense gave up 28 points to the New England Patriots in the 4th quarter o he game. It shows that the aging Steelers defense are no longer able to compete for 60 minutes.

The Steelers organization is just as much at fault as the teams defensive secondary. They should have seen this coming. They were too busy penny-pinching instead of going out and spending the money necessary to build a defense that could compete in the NFL.

The Steelers that were once a force in the AFC North are all but gone. Roethlisberger isn’t getting any younger and he is taking a beating in each game he plays in.

The Steelers are in trouble and it is going to take a few years and a few drafts to get them back to where they once were. It is not going to be fun to be a Steelers fan for the next several seasons.

Roethlisberger hit the nail on the head after the team played in London, and he made the statement about how bad this Steelers team really is. At 2-6 it is hard for the Steelers organization to ignore the mistakes they made over the past several seasons now.

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  1. tim "rememebers the 60's steelers" allison

    this is with argument the worst Steeler team I have ever seen. This is how you fix it:
    1)Fire Tomlin immediately. He one a SB with Cowher’s team, lost with his own. He does not get the team ready to play. Most of the time they play down to the competition.
    2) Fire the OC. He was a dope from the start. The biggest asset (and only reason) for having BR as QB was his ability to extend the play. “Let’s stop him from doing that and turn him into a pocket passer”.
    3) Let the DC reinstate the 3-4 and hire some LB’S with some sack.
    4) Fire the Conditioning Coach and dietician.
    Seee you in the SB in about 7 years!

    • Duke

      If you remember the 60’s Steelers, then you definitely remember the Steelers of the past decade too…more often than not, then tend to play down to the level of their competition and then when they decide to get it together, it’s a situation of ‘too little, too late.’

      That has seemed to be the Steelers M.O. in general for quite some time, I’m not sure it’s all Tomlin’s fault there.

      But yes, this team is horrible.


      Cowher did the same thing with chuck’s people. He might have won with them but he coached them to a SB win.

  2. Bob Nosbisch

    As a true Steelers fan, I’m sticking with them – win or lose. They’ll be back.

    • LG

      Sure they’ll be back. It won’t be this season.

  3. Anonymous

    Ben WAS great!! Defense sucked!!

    • LG

      I think the article reflects on the aging defense

  4. Tony P

    The coaching staff has got to go and the GM, 7 draft years with nothing to show for it. It is time to clean house and rebuild.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow LG who are you a fan of..? If it’s not the Steelers I have to wonder why you get so much joy out of the Steelers failures thus far and even future failures, if they aren’t relevant right away again. Seems to me your one of those haters who was so jealous and enraged with our continued success and storied franchise, that now is your time to you FINALLY have something to talk about. While I’m not denying we are in rebuild mode, if you’re not a Steeler fan..shut up..write and worry about your own insignificant team because in the end chances are you’re squad has got some catching up to do in the SB trophy dept..oops wait not chances are..facts are that we are still 6 time SB champs and even the most historic of franchises go thru rebuilding processes..i.e Yankees and Lakers..

    • LG

      I am ma fan of watching good football. Doesn’t matter who the team is good football is good football. The Steelers have been a good football team for years, they let it decline and now they have to take action to rebuild it or they are going to suck for years to come…..


    “.. too busy penny-pinching…” How can a team be up against the cap consistently and be pinching pennies? The Front Office may not be spending their dollars wisely, but they have certainly been spending it and not “pinching pennies.”

  7. Stella Lovah

    Wow–did you go to college to write this article? I could have done it. I’m pretty sure we know they’re done–the finger pointing is annoying. While I’d like it, they can’t win every time–they have given us a lot of great years. If you’re a true fan, you’ll stick with them, even when the ride is tough–I know I am.


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