We all know how important field position is in the game of football, the shorter the distance to the goal line the better chance you have of finding the end-zone in most cases. The Raiders were caught with their guard down this past weekend when they had to use Travis Goethel as their long snapper. Goethel  filled in because of an injury and he had one hack of a time finding a way to snap the ball to the teams punter. Each time they tried he couldn’t seem to get it there. You have to give Goethel credit for trying, the guy hasn’t been a long snapper since his high school days.

Goethel,  said he’s worked on long snapping exactly “zero” times at Raiders practice. You can bet that is going to change this week.  The Raiders were unable to get a punt off on three straight attempts in the second half. San Diego took advantage of the field position each time, scoring two field goals and a touchdown in successive possessions before going on to win, 22-14. The team sure isn’t going to take the long snapper position for granted anymore. You have to give the guy an A for effort…

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