The Kansas City Royals have become a Royal pain in the you know where for Jim Leyland and his Detroit Tigers. Who would have thought the Royals could seep the Tigers in August? The Royals did and they continue to play with the confidence it takes to win games and their pitching staff is helping them get it done. The Royals a low-budget team just took down the Tigers who spent millions to win baseball games, it boils down to the will to win and the Royals certainly have shown they have the will to win.

The Royals were able to get 7-1/3 innings out of Jeremy Guthrie in-game 3 against the Tigers, he gave up 10 hits and stuck out only three. The key to his success was he never made the fatal mistake giving up the long ball to the Tigers power hitters. The Royals held the Tigers win-less and no body would have thought the Royals were going to be capable of doing this at the end of August when the season started.

In a game that looked like a pitching duel it was Alex Gordon that hit a home run to get the Royals the win. His home run would be the difference in this one and the Royals were able to get the seep because of it. Kansas City may not take the A.L. Central but they are showing they have heart and they too can win.


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