Joe Flacco no has a Super Bowl win to his credit. He did a great job not making any mistakes the would have cost his team the Baltimore Ravens a win in the play offs or the Super Bowl. Flacco went 22 of 33 for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns in Super Bowl 47. Should he now get the kind of money a guy like Peyton Manning makes? Flacco may have done himself a huge favor when the Ravens offered him a contract extension earlier in the season. The question now becomes if the Ravens will pay Flacco the kind of money he wants.

He had a great season and he showed he could hold it together as well as any NFL quarterback.. Should he be considered one of the best now? Is this Super Bowl victory enough to put him in that class? I think we are going to  find out soon. Flacco and the Ravens are going to have to sit down and hammer out the kind of deal that could keep him in Baltimore until he is through in the NFL. The question is how much money they will pay him….


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