We knew when it happened that this would come back and haunt Rory McIlroy. In an interview with Sports Illustrated McIlroy said he regrets the way he handled the situation at the Honda Classic last Friday A.M. McIlroy who left everyone second guessing his decision to quit before finishing 9 holes at the Honda decided to grant an exclusive interview with S.I..

When McIlroy was asked about quitting the tournament, he told S.I. it was a reactive decision. In the Interview McIlroy said what he should have done was take his drop on his ninth hole made his 5 and went on to play his hardest back nine ever. He said even if he would have shot a 85, what he did wasn’t good for the tournament, wasn’t good for the game of golf and wasn’t good for the kids who look up to him either.

I wonder what kind of talk the PGA commissioner had with the 23-year-old McIlroy? I would think he was instructed about his behavior and asked gently not to do it again. You can read the rest of the S.I. interview by clicking here…..

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