Here we are just a day before the Super Bowl and the world is watching to see if Peyton Manning is going to be named the NFL’s MVP. If Manning does indeed take the title of MVP it will be his 5th. This season was Manning’s return to the NFL after missing a season with a neck injury. He switched teams and made his Broncos teammates perform at a level they were not accustomed too. Manning has brought out excellence on any team he played for. Not only is Peyton a great NFL quarterback, he is also a great on-field coach.

There haven’t been many guys that can lead like Manning does. The question is, does he really deserved to be named the NFL’s MVp for the 2012 season. He did take his Broncos to the play offs and he lost. That is one knock on Manning that he can’t avoid.  He chokes in the play offs. 11 times in his career he has taken his teams to the play offs only to be eliminated in the first round 8 times. Manning has yet to prove he can be a consistent leader under play off pressure.

Nonetheless, Manning is well liked among the media and the fans. Even though a few others  may deserve being named the 2012 NFL MVP, it won’t surprise me a bit if Peyton Manning claims the title once again. He could as well take the NFL come back player of the year too. But that title has some stiff competition as well.


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