For Cowboys fans, the news couldn’t have been any better. With the biggest game of the season coming in week 17, they don’t have to worry about Tony Romo throwing any ill-timed interceptions to take away the Cowboys chance of winning.

By know, most know it has been reported,Romo is probably done for the season with a herniated disk in his back. Romo will have to undergo surgery to have the problem corrected.

While no one wants to see any player get hurt, in the case of Romo’s injury the Cowboys now had a shot at competing against the Philadelphia Eagles next week.

We all know too well, Romo struggles in the big games. This is the biggest game of the season for Dallas. Without Romo as the teams starting quarterback, the Cowboys won’t have to worry about him making the mistakes which cost the team a shot at a win.

Time and time again we watched in awe as Romo makes the costly mistakes that cost the team a chance to win.

The Cowboys may not have a chance of beating the Eagles without Romo either. Philadelphia is a talented team and they are led by a red-hot quarterback offensively.

But no Romo means no ill-timed interceptions. He can’t win the big game and now Dallas doesn’t have to worry about him.




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