When the Steelers released James Harrison, one of the teams best defensive players  over the past 9 seasons it became clear the team is now in a re-build mode. The Steelers didn’t want to pay Harrison 4 million dollars a year and they already restructured Roethlisberger’s contract to make it more cap friendly.

After his release the bruising line-backer that hits like no other said he still has 4 years left to play in the NFL. At 35-years-old that is a questionable statement. Some think Harrison could probably  play for another 2 years at the NFL level that is it.

You have to wonder why Harrison didn’t want to adjust his contract to remain in the Steelers defensive scheme. Others have done it to help out the team, why won’t Harrison do it?

Perhaps Harrison sees the writing on the wall in Pittsburgh. When he made the statement he would like to play for a super bowl team, it suggests that he doesn’t see the Steelers as a super bowl contender in the next 4 years. Harrison also said he would like to play for a team that has nice weather.

Many think the Browns would be a good fit for Harrison, Can you really see a city that has grown to hate the Line-Backer really growing to accept him? The Problems for the Steelers are going to get worse before they get better. There is a good chance they will lose Mike Wallace to free agency and the team is coming apart at the seams.

Their offense needs some play-makers, their defense needs some play-makers.

They really don’t have a running game that can be a game changer and for the team that dominated the AFC North as long as the Steelers have, they need to pull something together for the 2013 season. Harrison may have seen the writing on the wall in Pittsburgh.

He may know what others aren’t willing to admit. He knows the the Steelers are in the re-build mode and he knows it is going to take years before the team dominates the NFL the way they once did.

His release is a testimony to the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers have plenty of work to do this off-season.



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