Here we go, bullying taking over the NFL. Don’t these guys  get paid to bullying people? When Jonathan Martin got up and walked out of the lunch room in Miami, it further demonstrated how the pussification factor is grabbing a stronghold on the NFL.

There was a time when someone would get smacked in the mouth for pulling this kind of crap. Teammates have been harassing other teammates since the inception of teams. In today’s society no one stands up for their own rights anymore. If Martin had enough, he should have smashed someone in the mouth and showed the rest of his team, he wasn’t a wimp.

The NFL isn’t what it used to be and you can thank Goodell for that. He wants the pussification factor to take over the league. The way Martin reacted is a mirrored image of how the NFL has changed.

Now you have the NFLPA looking into Martin’s situation. What are they going to do? How can they stop bullying in the NFL? This is a sport where players get paid to put their toughness on display. They get paid to push people around. They get paid to come into camps all over the NFL and be tougher than the other guys fighting for a roster spot.

Players have been smack talking forever, if Martin isn’t tough enough to have his balls busted, than maybe the NFL isn’t the right place for him. Maybe he should consider something a little softer than NFL football. To keep the game intact, the pussification factor has to be avoided.

Guys like Martin need to stand up and show the others, they can defend themselves. Playing in an NFL game is like going into battle. Who wants a guy next to him that has been affected by the pussification factor? I know I wouldn’t. The NFLPA should just back off and let this thing play out and let Martin stand up and show he has the balls to play in the NFL.




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