Josh Freeman signing a one year deal with the Vikings can’t be giving Christian Ponder that warm fuzzy feeling in Minnesota. The Vikings have made a statement by signing Freeman. Could it be they have seen enough to know they have seen enough of Ponder?

The puzzling part is only signing Freeman to a one year deal. The Viking have to be waiting to see just how good Freeman will play in his new surroundings. It is hard to determine how much Freeman will be worth on the free agent market this winter.

After being left out to dry by Tampa Bay, his value in the NFL could have plunged. If he can perform to the level he is capable of with the Vikings, his value could elevate by millions. The NFL is paying quarterbacks large chunks of change these days.

Ponder has to have a nervous stomach right about now. If Freeman can come in and help the Vikings win, why would they want to hold onto Ponder any longer? His day in a Vikings uniform could be coming to a end.

If the Vikings do get rid of Ponder you have to wonder if he could end up in Jacksonville. It is all going to be up to Freeman, if he can get the Vikings playing the kind of football the fans want in Minnesota, change will be coming to the life of Ponder. We should know something soon. Hopefully Freeman’s new surroundings will get him back the the Freeman the NFL once knew.


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