When Rex Ryan named rookie Geno Smith as the team’s starting  quarterback Saturday night against the Giants, Sanchez had to have felt his heart drop into his stomach. Some are saying the Jets QB competition has been rigged so that Smith comes out as the team’s starter once the regular season begins.

Why not make him the starter? Smith brings a will to win with him to the New York Jets. This kid is excited to be playing in the NFL and it shows. That is something we haven’t seen out of Sanchez in years. He has had his chance and he never seemed able to get the job done.

His leadership abilities aren’t strong enough for him to continue as the Jets leader on the field. It is time for Ryan and his Jets to move into another direction. If Smith has a good game against the Giants, there is no use in the team keeping Mark Sanchez. They should try to deal him while they are still able to get something for him.

Smith will be an inspiration to his teammate and he will do the things that winners need to do to become successful in the NFL. That is another thing we haven’t seen come out of Sanchez in a number of years in New York., It is almost like Sanchez is just existing on the team to collect a pay check.

If the team wants to get back to winning football games and have a shot at the play-offs they need to cut ties with Sanchez and they should do it before the season starts. The team doesn’t need any more distractions. The Jets have been a team for three years filled with distractions.

It is time for the Jets to move into a different direction. If Smith plays well come Saturday night, it is time to end the Mark Sanchez experiment…..



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