By Larry GLicken

Colts running back,Ahmad Bradshaw’s will be the first real chance the team has to see what a mistake they made trading a number one draft pick away for Trent Richardson. The Browns took advantage of an eager Colts front office that wants to build a dynasty in Indianapolis.

This week the Colts are expected to give Richardson the bulk of the work load. It isn’t going to take long to find out the team made a huge mistake with this trade. Richardson isn’t the  type of back who can hit the holes hard and average 5 yards per carry the way Bradshaw can.

T-Rich wastes extra steps by dancing around too much which in turn allows the defense to get to him. He averaged only 2.7 yards per carry in last weeks game against the 49ers and that isn’t going to help the Colts defense that way Bradshaw does.

The only positive for the Colts running game this week is the team they are facing. The entire NFL knows the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t a good football team. The Jaguars are ranked 19th in defense this season and that could mean Luck will have a big day.

If you are expecting to see a guy who was worth a number 3 overall pick in the NFL draft and worth a team trading away a first round pick for, you are wasting your time thinking this guy is Trent Richardson.

Andrew Luck will have more yards per carry than Richardson will.

With Bradshaw out, the Colts will get a real look at how they wasted a first round pick on Trent Richardson.




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