With the firing of  Bobby Valentine could the door be open for the Boston Red Sox to rehire Terry Francona? Boston would be a better fit for Francona than the Cleveland Indians. Francona expressed interest in the Indians manager job. You have to wonder if this is just a play by Francona to see what the market would be willing to pay him. If the Indians were to hire a guy like Francona would it be a good fit. Francona is better suited to manage a team like the Boston Red Sox, you have to question if the timing of Valintine’s firing had something to do with trying to get Francona back before he makes a deal with another team.

The Indians may have done the same thing getting rid of their former manger Manny Acta so they could jump on Francona before he got picked up by someone else. Can the Cleveland Indians pay a guy like Francona what he is worth or will we see this as a play for the Boston Red Sox to make a move on him? It should be an interesting next few days around Boston, I would say there could be a Francona sighting soon.
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  1. Robert Somogy

    Not a chance, thier are too many hurt feelings. Any way that ship has sailed!

  2. Beverly Hatch

    Bring him back. He has the ability and professionalism to re-build a team for Boston.

  3. Edward O'Hanlon

    Please….really? This is not even an option. It’s like re marrying your ex wife after an ugly divorce! Just not going to happen.

    • LG

      Edward you are right it isn’t going to happen. Especially because the Cleveland Indians made Francona their new manager….


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