Tiger Woods is having his worse Ryder Cup in years.. Tiger is win-less in this years Ryder Cup so American team captain Davis Love III let Woods play in match number 12 on the final day in a match that could literally mean nothing. The Americans could have already clinch the Cup before Tiger’s match comes to an end. Davis Love has done a good job managing Tiger Woods. He gave him the morning off on Saturday and place in a position where Woods couldn’t hurt the team on the final day. There was a time not that long ago you would send a player with Tiger Woods ability out sooner to put pressure on the European players, that wasn’t the case in the 2012 Ryder Cup.

When Woods teed off the American already had a comfortable lead over Europe and the matches that were in progress looked in favor of Love’s team. With that being said  Tiger could just go out and play a nice round of golf without facing the pressures of letting the American team down.



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  1. sportsbaron1

    “Tiger Woods is having his worse Ryder Cup in years…”

    Well, yes and no. The Ryder Cup has never been one of his strengths–not even during his glory years. Moreover, Woods has carded twelve birdies in his last two sessions–ten of them coming on the back nines of both afternoon rounds. I don’t EVER recall him doing that in this competition, do you?

    Still, as I’ve said elsewhere (and often), this guy is an impostor–or at least that’s what he’s become in clutch situations–especially when the tight situations come up on Saturdays and Sundays. And until he reverses that ugly (and until 2009, uncharacteristic) trend, he’ll be just one of many good-to-very-good players who wins a tournament every now and then, and finishing in the top ten more often than not.(and this is a characterization that I never would have dreamed possible until he’d reached his mid 40’s…)

    Santa Monica

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought of him in your description.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%; and he proved it again today as the Americans choked.

  2. dee

    did tiger loss by himself, how come he is always blamed. john daly act up on the courses, nothing is said. so why don’t the columists leave him alone, you can’t take his millions from him, are they jealous?

  3. big teddy

    Gee, I wish I was as bad as Tiger and what all the haters are saying about him. Let’s see, #1 in USA #2 in the WORLD, 2nd in Money and only making about 5 million+. I guess the only thing he is not doing is being perfect.

  4. golfer bob

    I was totally em-bear-assed by the U
    S Team. From the 1st. tee to the end there was NO Fire In the the U S players bellys, except for Dufner, Zack & Dustin. The pairings were totally wrong too. We just needed 4 and a half points to win. Some of the captain’s picks should never have been there. If you want to win in that type of event, you have to kick their butts from 1 thru 18. Our guys except for a couple looked like they were out for a friendly game on a Sunday afternoon. Those guys from across the pond play to take you out regardless of where they play. Our guys hardly ever do that. Hopefully our guys will learn to take no prisoners in the future or they will never win this event.

  5. Frank Spero

    striker ought to get glasses were the hell was he putting to on eighteen waaaay left of the hole what an asshole

  6. Joyce

    According to Morning Drive announcers this morning on Golf Channel, when asked to describe ‘eldrick tont woods’ fiasco, he said: ‘Woods played average’.. he was asked to expound on that comment.. he said: ‘he played average and uninspirational.’

    I would have said: ‘woods played at best, mediocre, and like he’s done.’ In reality,… it looks like the u.s. team got the ego kicked right out of them… perhaps forever. The day, yesterdays game, was SPECTACULAR!


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