Simona HalepHave you ever heard the comment, Less is More.? While women around the globe are paying billions of dollars to have their breasts enlarged, Wimbledon hopeful Simona Halep want to have hers reduced. Some women would kill to have large breasts.

This is not the case with  Halep. Apparently having 34 double D’s get in her way. I can imagine what a load they would be while your running around the tennis court. But really, she wants to have these reduced? It seems like a waste of perfectly good breasts to most.

But lets face it, they don’t have to carry the load. If they did, they might think differently. It’s a shame, they can’t be saved and donated to someone who really needs them. Men around the world are in shock with the news of breast reduction surgery in Halep’s case.

They seemed to enjoy watching her run all over the court trying to get a glimpse of her God given assets and I’m not talking about her tennis stroke. You can see by the photos, these could be a hindrance to her game.  She could be thrown Simona Halepoff-balance at any time.

Lets hops she knows what she is doing, there is no eraser for mistakes like these.

(Bikini breast  photo compliments of Sports By Brooks dot com)

Clifford in Santa Monica contributed to this story.

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  1. sharok Bavar

    Roger.What ever you do even if you loose you are the best tennis player around the globe in tennis encyclopedia

  2. sharok Bavar

    Simone.Do not worry. You have a perfect nice breast which other female tennis players lack to possess .Do not ruin it. let us benefit seeing it.we like your play .you are one of the best.


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