Alex Rodriguez thinks he is going to start at 3rd base for the New York Yankees tonight. He thinks MLB is going to turn a blind eye to his situation and he thinks he has a chance to win on appeal. Did those PED’s have a bad effect on his brain?

A-Rod has to be kidding himself. Major League Baseball is talking about suspending him through the 2014 season. Why they don’t give the 38-year-old a lifetime ban is anyone’s guess.  Some think suspending him for life would cause a problem with the players association.’

Others think the players want to see baseball cleaned up. The problem is the way Selig is handling the situation. It appeared that he was trying to negotiate with A-Rod to get more information about what and who were involved in this  scandal.

If A-Rod tries to appeal this suspension he could drag this out until the 2015 season. MLB is saying they could offer him s shorter suspension if A-Rod agrees to not filing a grievance. They have to be kidding themselves.

There is no way Rodriguez is going to agree to those terms, he thinks he is above them all and it is time to knock this guy down a few notches.  A-Rod is no longer god for the game of baseball and he is a bad example.

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