Tim Tebow is having a successful training camp with the New York Jets, quarterback Mark Sanchez has even noticed Tebow’s improvement. Sanchez was impressed on how good Tebow can move, the Jets quarterback (for the time being) said he can see Tim Tebow’s improvement Sanchez said, “Especially when he pulls it downs and runs, this guy can move”. Tim Tebow is getting better by the day in the Jets camp. Some fans in New York would like to see Tim Tebow get the chance to start and others still think Sanchez is the guy.

It is good to see Tebow is able to focus on football and not be thrown off by all the media coverage he is getting from the tough New York Media. Tebow has always been in the spot light, in New York that spot light is larger. Their are more photographers in camp,more reporters and they are just waiting for the chance to catch Tebow off guard.  Seeing Tebow run off the field and do some sprints shirt-less was a big deal for all the media, they snapped a picture of it and it made its rounds through all the media outlets.

Tebow said he didn’t think it was that big of a deal and will not let it change who he is. The good news for Rex Ryan is he now has the option of having two quarterbacks in camp that can get the job done. It is going to be interesting to see which guy gets the call come the season opener. I’ll bet the New York Media is just waiting for the Jets to name Tebow as their starter.

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