The last thing you want to hear about a NFL football player is they have an infection. That is exactly what we are hearing about Rob Gronkowski’s left forearm. The guy had to be opened up again to treat an infection that has set in from the other surgeries he had to treat his broken forearm. If the infection had time to set into the bone this could be devastating to his career.There is nothing worse than trying to treat a bone infection. Gronkowski should have never been allowed to return to the football field as soon as he did.

Breaking the arm twice in just a couple of weeks wasn’t good. The risk of infection from the second surgery was great. Anytime you have to reopen something that was just surgically repaired you risk infection. The doctors are saying they caught this infection early enough to treat it. Only time will tell the real story. NFL players have had to leave the game over infections in the past. It usually occurs in a players knee, to see a guy get an infection in the forearm is not that common of an occurrence.

That is what makes this infection more of a concern for Rob Gronkowski. Lets hope these doctors got this right and they caught this early enough to get it cured.


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