As the days go by and we hear more of the circumstances that led to Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend 4 times in the middle of the night on Valentines day, it could turn out to be a case of Roid-Rage. For those who don’t know what Roid-Rage is, here is a brief description.

Roid rage is the extremely aggressive or hostile manner associated with taking large doses of steroids.

As the police start releasing bits and pieces of the evidence that is being collect at the home of Pistorius, they have stated they removed what appears to be some needles that could be used to administer steroids. They also recovered a box containing what looks to be the substance itself.  On a more disturbing note, the police also recovered a bloody baseball bat. Is it possible that Pistorius attacked Steenkamp with a ball bat before turning to his hand gun to kill her?

Reports also suggest that Steenkamp was wearing her night-clothes, this would take away the claim that Pistorius thought she was an intruder. They also said they recovered what appears to be an overnight bag that belonged to Steenkamp. Reports suggest that a struggle could have started in the bedroom. Then Pistorius could have shot Steenkamp there first after attacking her with a baseball bat. Steenkamp then tried to retreat into the bathroom and allegedly Pistorius finished the murder by shooting SteenKamp through the bathroom wall.

If the evidence supports these claims Pistorius could have been out of his mind. This could be tied to the over use of steroids. It could very well turn out to be a case of roid rage.  We will be following the developments as they come forward. Whether or not this was a case of Roid-Rage or not, it is still inexcusable behavior.

Correction: It was a bloody cricket bat, not a baseball bat the  police found…




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