The Miami Heat have a good season going, just think how good it could be if these guys could win on the road. The Miami Heat have lost 7 out of their last 10 games on the road. Not only are they losing games on the road they lose them by plenty. For a team of fairly young players to lose to the Boston Celtics by 19 points and look totally worn out after the game, it leaves one to wonder what are these guys doing on these road trips? Maybe Lebron James and company need a curfew.

Someone may need to tell James,Wade and Bosh what time to go to bed. This way the guys can get some rest and come to the games with some energy. There is no excuse for a team with the talent the Heat has to be so worn out on these road trips.  The Heat coming from Miami may be use to getting it on all hours of the morning, when they travel they just can’t seem to keep it together. If the Heat expects to get a ring, they are going to need to win on the road. Other NBA teams are able to do it.


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