The Denver Broncos have to be excited about their teams chances of making a Super Bowl Appearance with Peyton Manning as their starting quarterback. Manning already has his team to 12 wins on the season and with the team set to play their last game of the regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs, Manning could easily make it to 13 wins. The real question is should Elway and the Broncos let Manning risk injury in a game against a team that isn’t very good? Sure, keeping Manning sharp is a good thing, but he has already shown time off doesn’t bother him much.

Manning has come back from injury after missing a year of football and hs proven he can still do it. Now with the Broncos set to start their Super Bowl push, is it wise to risk injury to Manning? The guy has shown he can take the hits all season long. The thing is the Broncos need Manning to make the post season push. The question is can Manning push his team into the Super Bowl this season? I think if Manning can stay healthy he could lead the Broncos into the big game.

The Broncos have shown the type of improvements that a guy like Peyton demands. Each week he takes his team onto the field and demands perfection from his offensive teammates. Manning and his Broncos offense has managed to control the tempo of the games they have played this season and it is because of  his ability to be one of the best field generals of all time in the NFL. Manning can make adjustments before he snaps the football and with his sharp reads of the opposing teams defense, he is able to overcome anything they throw at him.

Peyton Manning probably will play at least the first half in Sunday’s game against the Chiefs. By the time half time comes, the Broncos should have the game under control. Then it becomes time to sit Manning and get his team focused on the play offs. The Denver Broncos should finish the regular season at 13-3. A finish like this should push Peyton Manning one step closer to his fifth NFL MVP award and easily the NFL’s comeback player of the year. What a story this guy is writing for his legacy…..

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