Its been less than a year since Atlanta Braves pitcher Brandon Beachy blew out his elbow. Beachy is traveling down a lonely road, his days are full of appointments to visit the therapist.  When most major league pitchers are getting ready to report to spring training Beachy is trying to make a come back from Tommy John surgery. Beachy is not feeling the same kinds of thrill the others are, he isn’t getting ready to pack his bags to head to camp. He is simply trying to regain the same movement in his arm he had before the injury.

Beachy isn’t alone, there are some other major league pitchers feeling the same effects of over using their arm. Nonetheless, a come back after the injury is not an easy task. The Braves are hoping Beachy can return to the mound by summer, Beachy is hoping he can return sooner. He tries to get his therapy in early enough so he can go hang out with the guys. He wants to experience the same feelings the others are getting ready for a new season. It isn’t going to be an easy trip and when he gets there, he may not be the same Brandon Beachy he was before the injury.

The Braves and all of major league baseball is watching Beachy’s return. They need to see if he can come back and be the Beachy he was before the injury. It isn’t going to be easy, but others have done it and there is hope that Beachy can do it too.


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