The answer to that one is a resounding YES”!!


Only it won’t be the Manny who batted .396 with 17 homers and 53 RBI’s for the Dodgers five seasons ago. THAT hitter is a figment of Jon Daniels’ overheated imagination. The 41 year old has-been will more closely resemble the scrub who struck out 23 times in 69 official at-bats  for the White Sox in 2010—with no power to speak of—or the guy who hit .059 for the Tampa Bay Rays before they released him.


So manager Mike Scioscia recently watched video of Ramirez from Taiwan and said “he has the same swing he had when he was 30…” Really? Were those swings taken against Justin Verlander, King Felix or Isashi Iwakuma?  UHHH, no.


Howie Kendrick opined that ”I don’t think they would have signed him if they didn’t think he could help…” Is that so? They said the same things about Koji Uehara just before they obtained him in exchange for the Hulk (Chris Davis).


I hope I’m wrong about this for Jurickson Profars’ sake. Because if I’m right it will mean, among other things, that Profar’s development will be stalled for a 41 year old who may not even be 40% of what he once was…



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