In a recent interview the Kansas City Chiefs new head coach Andy Reid was talking about the fresh start he is getting with the Chiefs. He went on to say he has already eaten in about 50 Kansas City barbecue restaurants and he has yet to find one he doesn’t like.

Reid is 55 years old. He better watch what he consumes.  Not that eating in Philadelphia was any healthier for him, but he better be watching his blood fats. when you get into your mid 50’s like Reid is now, you have to be concerned about heart health.

The last thing Chief fans need is for their new head coach to fall over dead with a heart attack. Reid should think about eating some healthy food and cut all that fat filled red mea. He has a job to do and with he quarterback he now has in Kansas City, the Chiefs are going to turn things around…It would be great if Reid was there when they did…


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