The New York Jets take on the buffalo Bills in their season opener at home this season. While people are left wondering if the Jets start Mark Sanchez of Tim Tebow at the quarterback position many are left wondering if this revelry Ryan says doesn’t exist will over shadow the game itself.  The Buffalo Bills may be just caught in the middle of this controversy that is sure to take place before the Jets even report to training camp. The Bills know that, The Jets know that and the good people of the State of New York know that as does the rest of the entire free world.

All eyes will be focused on the New York Jets training camp this summer. This is one of the reason even Jets legend Joe Namath  was totally against the idea of bringing Tim Tebow to the Big Apple. It isn’t as though Namath dislikes Tebow, he doesn’t want to see the controversy take place that is going to be unavoidable this season. Nobody can honestly stand back and say there won’t be a quarterback controversy in New York this season and say it with a straight face.

The Jets didn’t go out and get Tim Tebow to have him sitting on the side lines. They fully expect to have Tebow be a part of the team to help sell tickets and put patrons in the seats. Face it people, Tim Tebow is a very popular guy and people like him. Heck there is brand new Tebow songs coming out in anticipation of the up-coming NFL season. Like this one for instance done by Fan Anthem’s. Tebow and the Jets / The Tim Tebow Song – Single Hey I have listened to the song and it is selling like wild-fire that is how popular Tim Tebow is.

Face it folks, it would be nice if the Jets took on the Bills and the focus was the interstate revelry, that isn’t what is going to take place and the circus of events in Ryans zoo is just getting started. I can hear the New Tim Tebow song playing now in Jets stadium come the season opener. The Buffalo Bills are going to enjoy it too….

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