What impact (pardon the pun) will Danica Patrick’s divorce have on her 2013 NASCAR schedule? Patrick is hoping to get trough her divorce within a couple of months. She is reporting that everything with her personally is just fine. Patrick who has been married to Paul Hospenthal for the past 7 years is ending her marriage saying that the marriage is “irretrievably broken. I guess there is no pit crews that can repair Patrick’s personal life. Patrick is hoping to have a better year in NASCAR than she had last year. Maybe with the end of her rocky marriage she can now focus on trying to get her first win.

It seems to be taking Danica some time to get use to the NASCAR circuit, she is finding out the hard way it is more difficult to drive a car that weighs almost 3 times of what her indy car weighed.  Patrick seems to be in a great mood even with her divorce taking place and can’t wait to start the racing season. I guess we will see  soon enough how this divorce affects her driving.

Do you think Danica will have a better NASCAR season this year? Let us know what you think, just leave your comments below….

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  1. LIn McDowell

    Danica Patrick is the most over-rated, egotistical, narcissistic, self-centered excuse for a NASCAR driver there is. She gets way too much press, is a mediocre driver who can’t even break into the top ten in a race, and yet we keep reading about her again and again. Who gives the north end of a south bound horse what she does? Please, Danica…just go away!


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