When Andy Reid was able to get his hands on quarterback Alex Smith, some thought the Chiefs losing ways were going to come to an end. That hasn’t been the case so far this preseason. Tonight the Chiefs take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in game 3 of the preseason.

Reid and his Chiefs need to let Smith play the type of game he is capable of producing in the NFL. Both teams come into tonight’s contest with zero wins this preseason. The Chiefs and their QB Smith have to show the fans something in this game.

Smith is ranked 55th in passing this preseason. That isn’t exactly what Chief fans were hoping for when the team acquired him from the 49ers. It is starting to become clear why Harbaugh sat Smith after his injury.

His consistency has to come into question. Smith has only completed 14 of the 24 passes he has attempted. Sure his receivers dropped a couple they should have caught, but there is no excuse for a guy that is supposed to have the abilities that Smith has to be ranked so low coming into the 2013 season.

Perhaps this can be blamed on Andy Reid and his offensive coordinator for not designing an offense that would utilize Smith’s talents properly. It’s game 3 of the preseason and it is time for Smith to step up his game.

The Chiefs need a win and they need a leader on the field. Smith has to be able to deliver on both of those needs if the Chiefs are going to turn things around this season.


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  1. jeff condie

    I still can’t believe how much importance bloggers like you put into the preseason…..The preseason is irrelevant except to those who have nothing to write about


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