There is a lot of talk about the New England Patriots, bringing in Michael Lombardi into the teams front office. Why? Why would Bill Belichick, let his friendship with Lombardi influence his ability to make sound decisions?

If Belichick was smart, he would keep this man as far away from his football team as possible. Lombardi has been described as a cancer in the National Football League.

Could it be the Patriots know one day they are going to bench quarterback Tom Brady and they are bringing in Lombardi to be the bad guy? Maybe Belichick doesn’t want to be the one to sit Brady one day.

This is what happened the last time Lombardi and Belichick were together, they benched one of Cleveland’s most successful quarterbacks.

Lombardi doesn’t bring anything to the Patriots front office they need. He is a man of very little talents, when it comes to helping an NFL team win football games.

The Patriots won’t be a better NFL organization with Michael Lombardi associated with their football team. They shouldn’t even let Lombardi in their office. Belichick should know what a distraction Michael Lombardi will be to his football team.

The last thing he or Tom Brady need is for Michael Lombradi to have any part of making any kind of decisions for the New England Patriots…..

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