Isn’t it time for the New York Yankees to move on from Alex Rodriguez already? The guy is 37 years old, he juts had hip surgery and he doesn’t hit 30 home runs a year anymore. Why wait for a guy to come back from a serious hip operation? The Yankees need to find some young talent they can make their full time 3rd baseman. A-Rod was the man once but those days are fading like the paint job on a 1970 Buick.

The guy has been in the Big Leagues for 19 years, now it is time to get a 19 year-old to take A-Rods place. The Yankees are going to have to wait at least 6 months to get the services of A-Rod back, that puts them into the All-Star Break. Are they seriously going to wait for Alex Rodriguez to come back and then just hand him the job?  Cashman said it was possible A-Rod could be out all year. Then what do you do with the guy? If A-Rod misses the entire season, he should just hang up his cleats. Hey New York, it just may be time to bid Alex Rodriguez farewell….

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  1. William A McCormack

    Get rid of the sandbagging S O B .He is finished


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