For decades NASCAR drivers let their driving gain their popularity. That isn’t the case for Danica Patrick. NASCAR is changing a rule to favor Patrick in the All-Star Race. Patrick should show she can drive with the best of NASCAR drivers to get her a spot in the All-Star race.

NASCAR shouldn’t change rules to make things easier for her. After all, would she want to be remembered as the woman driver who had to have rules changed to make things easier for her? The All-Satr race always had to have its contestants finishing the race on the lead lap to gain entry into the bigger race.

That is not the case this year. The lead lap language has been removed. This had to be done to enure Patrick a spot. There is a good chance she won’t finish the race to qualify on the lead lap. NASCAR knows she is a fan favorite and now they are changing the rules to make things easier for her.

When did they ever do that for other drivers? You get rewarded on the NASCAR circuit by your driving not the way you look. Not the case anymore. Just look at the way NASCAR is kissing Danica’s butt, they never did this for other drivers. Butt then again, not many of them had Danica’s butt.

Who ever came up with this All-Star rule change is making a big mistake. You can read more about the Danica rule by clicking here….

Hey be sure to tell us what you think of the Danica rule and if you think NASCAR is kissing her butt. Leave your comments below….


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