Dwight Howard has  got to be more than tired of Kobe’s mouth already.  Now Bryant is complaining about Howard and other Lakers teammates laughing and joking after the Lakers got blown out by the Clippers last night.  It appears that anything Howard does in L.A. has to be approved by Bryant first. When is enough going to be enough. Howard is trying to be a good teammate and part of playing any sports it handling defeat with dignity. If Howard and the rest of the Lakers want to have fun in the locker room after a game let them. That’s is how you build comradeship, something Kobe needs to take a lesson in.

Dwight Howard should be tired of Kobe’s criticism by now.  All Bryant has done since Howard’s arrival is talk negatively about him. Someone should take Bryant out back and teach him a lesson and it may as well be Howard. The sooner Howard stands up to Bryant the better off the Lakers organization will be.  It cannot go on the way it is for the rest of the 2013 season.  There are too many games left and sooner or later the stuff is going to hit the fan. When it does, then the Lakers might start playing as a team again…




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