Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks got a gift from the replacement refs earlier this season, the other night Carroll was getting a gift from his Seahawks defense when they held the San Francisco 49ers to just 13 points.  Carrol should have UN-leashed his rookie quarterback  Russell Wilson. Wilson only attempted 23 passes completing 9 of them for 122 yards. You aren’t going to beat the 49ers with numbers like that.

Carroll had his team running the ball more often than not. The Seahawks rushed the ball 29 times for a total of 136 yards. Carroll should have tried to throw more passes in the game. Wilson has shown he can get the job done and the head coach should have had more faith in his young quarterback. The Seahawks are having a decent season, however if the head coach is going to keep his offense under restraints it is going to be difficult for the Seahawks to win the big games.

To hold the 49ers offense to just 13 points, is not an easy task. To hold the 49ers to just 13 points and to lose the game is not easy either. The Seahawks head coach should have more faith in his rookie quarterback and he should have been able to throw the football more than 23 times in a game that could have made a statement for Seattle. Perhaps Pete Carroll is doing too much being the VP of football operations and the team’s head coach.


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