The Miami Heat did it again, they lost to the Pacers 102-89. The Heat just can’t find a way to dominate the Pacers like they do so many other NBA teams. The Heat can be beat in Indiana and they prove it over and over. The Miami Heat falls apart when playing the Pacers, look at how bad they got beat, 13 points and LeBron only scored 28 points. Chris Bosh only put in 13 points and Dwyane Wade put in 17 points. There are nights when one Heat player can hit for that amount of points. The Pacers know how to compete with the Heat and they prove it each time they play.

Miami just can find a way to play defense against the Pacers, they let David West score 30 points and they let Paul George score 15 points. The Heat never took the lead in the game and you just knew the team was going to fall to the Pacers again.  The Heat is getting out coached by the Pacers head coach. This loss prevented the Heat from claiming the best record in the east before the All Star break. Miami has to find a way to play the Pacers defensively. They were outplayed under the boards and they were out played offensively too.


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