Former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason says the Jets should cut Tim Tebow. Boomer Esiason went on to say Tebow isn’t worthy of a roster spot. Why are so many worried about what the Jest do with Tim Tebow? Esiason goes on to say Tebow played some of the worse football ever by any quarterback in the N.F.L. ever. Hey I remember there were some game when Boomer Esiason fit into that description.

Guys like Boomer Esiason must not like the fact Tebow gets all the attention taking away the focus on them. Tebow does bring character to the Jets Esiason went on to say, He should get some of that character himself. His statements have shown this is a area he is lacking. If Tebow was so bad last year how did the Broncos make into the play-offs and how did they beat the Steelers? If my memory serves me correctly it was a great pass by Tebow that put the Broncos past the Steelers. How bad was that Boomer?

All this coming from a guy who only had a 57 percent in career completions…. Boomer acts as though he perfect…..

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