Eli Manning and his Giants certainly made a statement last night. Manning threw for 288 yards and a touchdown as he and his Giants defeated the Panthers 36-7 last night. Manning and the Giants got off to a slow start, Eli is certainly making up for it now. Eli Manning is already over 1,000 yards in passing this season, he has thrown 3 interceptions this season and has 5 touchdown passes. Eli Manning has thrown the ball 28,590 yards in his 9 years with the Giants.

That brings us to the question of who is the better quarterback, Eli or Peyton Manning? Be sure to vote in our poll at the bottom of the article. If you go by Super Bowl Championships you would have to say Eli has the edge on his big brother Peyton. Eli has 2 rings to Peyton one. He doesn’t have the pro-bowl appearances his big brother has but he has been there a couple of times.

For some reason Peyton has always been more popular than Eli. You would think it would be the other way around with Eli playing for the New York Giants. Peyton Manning has done a lot in football. He has been in 11 pro-bowls, He has a super bowl rings and has thrown for 55,322 yards in his 15 year NFL career. Lets not forget Peyton has played 6 more years than Eli in the NFL and the Colts offense passed a lot more than they ran the ball. The Giants have always had a good running game behind Eli, so keep that in mind when you look at the passing yards.

Peyton Manning has thrown 402 touchdowns and 201 interceptions in his career. Eli has thrown his fair share if interceptions too. He has 190 touchdowns and 132 interceptions. When it is all said and done which Manning do you think will be the best Manning to play in the NFL? Vote now and let us know who you think the better Manning is….

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