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If Andrew Luck has an accurate arm with 18 interceptions (and three games remaining in the season), what adjective would you use to describe Robert Griffin’s arm who’s only thrown four?


Who’s the best rookie qb in the NFL this year? I’m with Don Shula on this one. To me, it’s RG111 because of his rare combination of brains, poise, arm strength, accuracy, field sense and athleticism. With his rocket arm, vision and ability to feel (and elude) would-be tacklers, Griffin reminds me of Roger Staubach in his prime. Most of the veteran stiffs playing quarterback these days don’t have three of the six qualities I just mentioned to any significant degree and their teams’ performances reflect it in clutch situations . Andrew Luck has engineered some great comebacks and has thrown for a lot of yardage this season. Kudos to him for that. But in an era where EVERYBODY throws for three hundred yards and EVERYBODY completes well over 60% of their passes, Andrew is under 55% in accuracy and he’s thrown as many interceptions as he has TD passes. And bear in mind, he has a genius receiver in Reggie Wayne to bail him out—a safety net RGIII lacks, to put it kindly.


No, contrary to what most pundits are claiming, Robert’s most impressive trait ISN’T  the fact that he avoids getting tackled—any agile player running in an open field can do that more often than not. It’s his habit of avoiding disastrous pics that sets him apart—impressive for any quarterback—but even more so for  a rookie. If the Redskins are fortunate enough to be able to pick up some edge weapons in next year’s draft—or via trade—Robert should be beyond spectacular in the years to come. I’m looking forward to it, as most of us are…




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