Sam Bradford came out this past weekend and had his gun blazing, Bradford threw for 310 yards, had 3 touchdowns and completed 26 of his 35 pass attempts. Bradford the last of the Mega-Million dollar quarterbacks, had the game of his life beating the Washington Redskins and their new rookie sensation RGIII. Not many around the football world would have picked Bradford to win this one. Of course he had a little help from one of the Redskins receivers who pick one hell of a time to have a temper tantrum.

What was Josh Morgan thinking when he threw the ball at one of the Rams defenders?  I’ll guarantee he will think more than twice about having a breakdown like that on the football field again. The Redskins probably have had a talk with Morgan by now and I’ll bet he knows exactly what he handed over to Bradford. It was all just handed to Bradford either, he worked had for this win. Lets not forget about giving some credit to Bradford’s favorite receiver Danny Amendola who had 15 catches for 160 yards to help Bradford seal the deal.

The Rams needed this win to keep pace in the NFC West, they have a tough division and Bradford is going to need a lot more days like the one he had against the Redskins and RGIII just to stay close enough to stick their arms out and touch the leaders in their division.

But seriously, did you really think Bradford could pull this game off? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think….

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