The Detroit Tigers were beaten by the Baltimore Orioles and it was with the mighty, Justin Verlander on the mound. Who would have thought the Tigers first loss of the 2014 season would have came with Verlander starting the game.

He pitched well as always. He pitched 8 innings, only giving up 5 hits and 2 runs. The Tigers offense was held in check by a solid outing by the Orioles pitcher, Chris Tillman, who pitched for 8-1/3 and only gave up one run on 5 hits.

Verlander faced a tough opponent in Tillman. It was a great pitching match up and the Tigers just came up on the wrong side. Verlander did what Verlander does. He pitched tough, but was met by a great performance coming from Tillman.

You couldn’t have asked for a better pitching match up. This is what facing Verlander does to other MLB pitchers. They know they are facing one of the best and they elevate their game to the highest level possible.

Beating Verlander at his own game, is at the top of every pitchers list in major league baseball. In this game Tillman was able to do that, but when Verlander is throwing for the Tigers, it doesn’t happen that often.

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