Well, here we are again. The New England Patriots are sitting on top of the AFC east by 4 games with 5 left to pay. Granted the AFC east is a weak division and no team in the division are even close to being on level ground with the Patriots. New England made the New York jets look like a high school team last night and a week earlier (4 days in reality) the Patriots gave Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts night mares. yes sir, Bill Belichick has his New England team next to perfection once again.

Tom Brady continues to make things look easy. His timing is immaculate and his receivers and other team members compliment his game very well. For Brady, there is nothing better. The guy gets better with age and he continues to show the rest of the NFL he is a force to be dealt with. The problem is the rest of the NFL have now way to deal with Brady, he has a way of elevating his game to the next level when he needs to and when he does look out if you are his opponent.

Over the last 2 games Brady’s Patriots have scored 108 points. when you stop and think about that it is nothing short of amazing. Brady will go down in a class of his own once he decides he is done with the NFL. When is that going to be? It has to be the question many think each new year. When the day comes you have to wonder if Belichick will call it quits too. When that day comes the New England Patriots as we know them will no longer exist…..For right now it looks like the Patriots and Tom Brady along with Bill Belichick have there eyes set on making another Super Bowl appearance….




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