When Chip Kelly made the jump from College coaching into the NFL, there were thousands saying he couldn’t be successful on the NFL level. Now that his Eagles hold a 1 game lead over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East, who is doubting his success now?

Kelly and his Eagles turned things around in Philadelphia and they have done a great job this season. With a one game lead and their last game of the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys, Kelly could take his Eagles into the play-offs in his rookie season.

I’d say he is pretty successful already. Kelly somehow has motivated his team to play at a level the fans in Philadelphia haven’t seen in years. Last night his Eagles soared to a 54-11 win over the Bears.

The Eagles defense showed up to play and the offense was on fire in the game. Kelly has his guys ready to compete this season. Somehow this rookie head coach has found a winning formula in the NFL this season that doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

The Eagles will face their biggest challenge of the season next week when they play the Cowboys. Philadelphia needs a win and Dallas hasn’t lost a game this season in the NFC East.

This is a different Eagles team than the one the Cowboys faced earlier this season and you can thank Chip Kelly for that. When the Eagles play the Cowboys next week, you can count on Kelly to have his guys ready. He is a motivator of men and his team is responding well.



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  1. Debbie Becklin

    Go Eagles, go Chip! I knew you could do it!

  2. Anonymous

    Remember one thing this is a very young Eagle team and apparently very easy to teach.


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