Why would the Dallas Cowboys give Tony Romo a 100 million dollar contract? Is 100 million the going rate for a guy who can’t win a play off game? Is 100 million dollars enough money to get Tony Romo motivated enough to get the Cowboys into a super bowl?

Lets be serious, Romo’s better days are behind him. The Guy isn’t Troy Aikman nor will he ever be. The Cowboys need to think about what they just got themselves into. Romo is not going to be any more motivated to get the team to the super bowl than he was last season.

The guy can’t think straight. He makes too many mistakes to be paid 100 million dollars. The Cowboys just made an error. They should think before they jump in with both feet. What did Romo do to earn 100 million dollar contract?

The team is being seriously misled. The owner isn’t thinking the way an owner does who gets his team to the super bowl. To pay Romo a 100 million dollars is further proof that Jerry Jones needs to hire a general manager who knows what the hell he is doing when it comes to running a football team.

Romo should have had a contract that was filled with incentives. The only way Romo should make the kind of money the Cowboys just gave him is by getting the job done. The only thing the Cowboys have just accomplished by awarding Romo this deal was to further inflate his head.

With an incentive based deal in place Romo would have had to go out there and prove himself. The only thing that is going to happen this year is, the Cowboys will finish worse than they did last season.

Paying Romo this kind of money isn’t going to get the job done. Mark this post and then come back to it following the 2013 season so you can leave a comment telling me I was right.



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