The Cincinnati Bengals must have remembered they were a professional football team playing in the NFL this week. The team has been missing in action for a month and they needed a win. Not many would have given the Bengals a snow ball chance in hell against the Giants, especially after the way the team has played in their past few games. The Bengals needed a win just to stay 1 game below .500 on their season. The Bengals defense showed up in this one and they gave Manning and his Giants far more than they expected. The Bengals put the pressure on Eli today and would not let  up. This is exactly the kind of football Marv Lewis needed his team to play today. Some think the Bengals head coach is walking on egg shells in the Queen City and his chance of returning as the teams head coach in 2013 didn’t look good.

Andy Dalton took control of his offense and got the job done today. He didn’t set the world on fire with his offense but hey, he threw 4 touchdowns and didn’t turn the ball over by throwing any interceptions. I’d say Dalton had a great day, the Giants front four couldn’t sack him and the Bengals offensive line did a great job keeping Dalton protected. The most impressive thing the Bengals did today was to play the type of defense they did to stop the Giants, they held Manning without a touchdown for 3 quarters and they didn’t give one up until the 4th quarter.

That in itself isn’t an easy task when you can hold Eli Manning to only one touchdown, you did your job. Today that is what the Cincinnati Bengals did. They did their job as a team and they did it quite well. The Bengals gave Marv Lewis everything he needed to get a win today over the World Champion New York Giants. Beating them by 18 points and kicking their butt 31-13. Now you know Who DEY was……It was your Cincinnati Bengals…..Believe it or not……


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