Lets face it when Von Miller’s 6-year-old cousin awoke from a coma that he suffered after being in a car accident, the news would send any of us in a frenzy. But to say the Broncos are going to win a super bowl title in the 2013 season, isn’t that going a little over-board? Miller should be excited and we all know he is a great football player. But unless he can rush the passer and hit him on every play in the up-coming season I really don;t see the Broncos being able to win a super bowl with their defensive secondary the way it is now.

The Broncos failed to get to the super bowl in 2012. It wasn’t because they couldn’t score points to win football games. It was because the Broncos secondary couldn’t stop their opponents from scoring points. Von Miller better visit with all his defensive teammates and share the good news of his cousin coming out of a coma. The rest of the Broncos defense is going to have to get to the same level of excitement that Miller feels. If he can’t pump them up as much as he is, he will have a difficult time delivering his guarantee this coming season. Von Miller is going to be playing his butt off in the 2013 season, I for one cannot wait to see his level of play….

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