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Notice how much separation (4 yards) Randy Moss got from the two defenders who were guarding him on his 34 yard touchdown catch this evening .

Notice, too, Chris Collingsworth’s description of the play, saying that it was Randy’s “speed” that was responsible for the touchdown pass from Colin Kapaernick.


Now what two things have I been saying all along regarding Randy Moss and his coach’s reluctance to even put him in the game—let alone throw the ball to him when he’s in there?


1)      He’s lost less speed than people think

2)      What wide receiver over age 35 can you name other than Joey Galloway (who had cement hands at that age) that was just as fast at 35 as he was ten years earlier? Even though Randy no longer has Bob Hayes’ speed as in previous years, he still CATCHES the ball quite well, and can ONLY make that 9’ers offense better—especially now that they’ve decided to entrust their schemes to a rookie quarterback.


Those things said,  look for Moss to be back on the sidelines for 80% of the snaps after Mario Manningham returns to the lineup next week. Harbaugh, strangely, had the grapes to make an unpopular decision to go with unproven Colin Capaernick at qb over the efficient, but limited, Alex Smith. But putting Moss in the lineup and throwing to him three or four times a game is by far the easier determination of the two, I’d say—and equally sane…






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