Sooner or later we can expect one of the 2 other men to turn states evidence against former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez. One of the problems when you commit a crime and have others around to see what happened is keeping them from talking.

That could have been the motive for the killing in the first place. Hernandez had 2 guys with him the night of the murder he is charged with. The police now have all 3 in custody. While it is not clear who pulled the trigger in the murder, it could become clear soon.

Ernest Wallace is the last of the suspects and he has turned himself into police and is expected to return back to the New England area soon. Wallace may hold the key as to what took place the night in question. Some think Hernandez may have had Lloyd killed because he knew too much about some other crimes that could have included the murder of 2 other men.

Hernandez should have learned lessons and not had witnesses around that could turn on him. Carlos Ortiz is already in custody and it is not clear if he is talking to the prosecution yet. All 3 men are facing serious charges in the case and it shouldn’t be long until one of the 2 men that were with Hernandez look to cut a deal.

Hernandez could be going away for a very long time. He may never see another football field in the NFL again.

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