Does Tiger Woods cheat? This question is easy to answer, Woods cheated at one of the most important things in his life. He cheated on his wife and his family.

Why wouldn’t he cheat while playing golf? He was busted several times taking liberties while competing in golf tournaments. At the Masters, it was Woods himself that admitted he took a drop a few yards closer than he should have. When the film was reviewed, the tournament rules directors felt he cheated and assessed him a 2 stroke penalty.

Mark Steinberg, the agent of Tiger Woods must have lost his mind. It’s nice to see him defending his clients honor, but he must remember his client has no honor.

He couldn’t keep his word in one of the strongest institutions known to man, marriage.  Woods was labeled a cheater for the dozens of affairs he had while he was married.

How in the world could Steinberg find people to sit on a jury that doesn’t think Woods is a cheater? This would be an impossible task. For Steinberg to come out and say he is going to file a suite against the Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee, shows me that he is out of touch with reality.

Steinberg is doing his job I suppose. He wants Tiger to think he would do anything to represent him. But to think he could prove Woods is not a cheater, is something I don’t think is possible.

Woods was found taking liberties in a couple of different tournaments. If he was anyone else he might have been disqualified from the Masters, but it was Tiger Woods.

Once he was assessed the 2 stroke penalty for cheating, it was clear he cheated. Brandel Chamblee wrote the truth and now Steinberg wants to take him to court.

This is laughable. I say good luck with that Mr. Steinberg. If your client would cheat in his marriage multiple times, why wouldn’t he cheat while playing golf.

After all, golf is a game of honor, and your client has shown he has no honor. He has shown an inability to keep his word and signing your scorecard in golf is an extension of keeping your word.

Good luck with your empty threats Mark Steinberg, you’re going to need it.

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  1. Darrell Weyman

    Yep…a dog calling for a bone? How many other golfers have been judged by a drunk in his recliner at home wathing?! How many other golfers have the whole world judging them when there is no gallery following?! You couldn’t handle the lifestyle and pressure Tiger works under so you will make some absurd judgements that you cannot backup. Your elitist attitude is only matched by your lousy editorial. Jealousy will get you nowhere. You would probably write about your mother for money.

  2. Mark

    Are you kidding me? Cheater? Do you even play golf? Trying being on the course and seeing if a balls oscillates or moves. You have some dumb camera showing an up close shot, better than the naked eye. As for the Masters, there was no advantage in setting the ball down outside of 1 yard. Good grief, you people just hate Tiger Woods. I can’t stand the Golf Channel announces and their bias towards him. You folks, more than anyone, have to start respecting this gentleman’s game. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

  3. dale

    I agree with you, anyone who has every played golf even once knows about ball placement. Tiger knows what he is doing and he lied for years about his affairs and just because he he is winning he gets by with it. 85% PRO golfers in masters said he should been disqualified. So he gets a dumb blonde who will go out with anyone for publicity now is a Trophy girlfriend of his just to show I am Tiger and can do anything I want

    • LG



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