By Larry GLicken

Miguel Cabrera the Detroit Tigers 3rd baseman went 4 for 5 last night and hit a home run to continue doing the same thing he has done all season. Miguel Cabrera has hit the hell out of the baseball this season. The guy is unstoppable at the plate. Miguel Cabrera  leads the American league in batting average at .329, he leads the league in home runs with 44 and he leads the league in runs batted in with 137.

Cabrera has played in 159 games this season for the Tigers, they would be lost without him. He may not be the best defensive third baseman, but what he brings to the plate far out weighs his in abilities in the field. When the Tigers needed to turn things up to make a run at taking the A.L. Central, it was Miguel Cabrera who turned up the heat on the Tigers opponents.

The Detroit Tigers have a 3 game lead over the White Sox and will take the American League Central for sure. How far they go into the play offs will depend on how will Cabrera does at the plate. The Tigers got a second chance to stay in the race this season and much of it is do to the fact that Miguel Cabrera is having fun at the plate.

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